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Our society is built around your achievements. These achievements go beyond the score you achieve playing casino online.

An individual has a certain status based on their income and influence. Your profession plays a big role in this. It is crucial for how others see you. You are measured by your social and economic achievements. Your reputation is highly linked to this outcome. 

In a strict sense, this defines a meritocracy. It has been developing since at least the last century. The first aspects can be found as early as the 18th century. Its grid is very strict. Other aspects of life play an almost insignificant role. Experience, happiness, and health seem to be of secondary importance. 

Based on the concept of “money talks.” This is especially true in the 21st century. An entire society defines itself by efficiency. Digitization and globalization have significantly intensified competition among each other. 

The prevailing opinion among experts is that the actual society benefits. Because it increases its efficiency and the demand for goods. Production is boosted.

However, with the increasing attention to the individual, this has changed. 


Many experts criticize the concept of meritocracy. It has significant negative effects on several members of a society. Pressure on workers is increasing. Individuals also put too much pressure on themselves to achieve their goals or the goals of society. 

This leads to a lot of stress. Stress, as you can see, is harmful to health. It can lead to increased blood pressure, lack of sleep, and digestive problems. 

Another problem of this achievement-oriented society is the difficulty of measuring achievements. Who defines it? And how?

Usually, only things related to the market count. But there are far more achievements that should be taken into account. Maternity or child-rearing, for example. As well as other services, like nurse or caregiver. 

But these seem to be readily forgotten by the majority of society. 


Here I would like to show you ways to improve your performance. But most importantly, without stressing yourself out too much. Society is unlikely to change. So here are some survival tips for you on how to persevere. The key is to find a balance, regardless of your position in a company or your overall job. 

The key is to not lose sight of your health. Also, do not let anyone pressure you or dictate your goals. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, I also recommend that you reduce your consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Save this for special social occasions. 

The foundation for the following steps is organization and self-awareness. Create a mind map. So that you have a better overview of your goals and expectations. Put them into a time frame. These plans should be divided into long-term and short-term plans. Know your priorities.

As important as the future is, so is the past. Also, look back and see what you have already accomplished. It is okay to be proud of yourself. It is also an indicator of where you are going right now.

Incorporating some exercise into your daily routine is helpful, as are breaks. Divide your day according to this. 

You should have a clean workspace without distractions. Always be motivated to advance other skills and deepen your knowledge in other areas. 

Be dynamic and do not get stuck somewhere. Focus on one work at a time. This will greatly increase your efficiency. Also, follow your plan so that you do not forget anything. And nothing will remain unfinished.

Always remember what you have accomplished. Do not let others dictate your future path.