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One of the Largest Crypto Funds (owns BTC Worth $15 billion) is Looking for Investors for Another $500 Million


Against the backdrop of a wild rise in the price of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market entered another round of euphoria, which we have not seen for a long time. In terms of scale and growth dynamics, the situation resembles the golden age of crypto trading. The figure is now at an all-time high of $504 billion and growing at a rate of $54 billion per month. This means that a huge amount of new capital is flowing into this area at a pace reminiscent of early 2021.

Against the background of such growth, not only small investors but also large funds became more active. One of them, Microstrategy, last week raised $821.7 million to purchase the next batch of bitcoins. And on March 13, it became known that the company was looking for investors for another $500 million.

What is the Plan for an Extra $500 Million?

MicroStrategy has announced its plans to undertake another private offering of convertible senior notes, aiming to raise an additional $500 million. The debt issued through this offering will be convertible into shares by 2031, contingent upon market conditions. The company intends to utilize the entirety of the proceeds from this offering to further bolster its holdings in Bitcoin.


This announcement follows the successful sale of $821.7 million in senior convertible notes by the firm just last week, with the proceeds from that sale also being allocated towards the acquisition of BTC. MicroStrategy’s chairman, Michael Saylor, revealed that the company purchased 12,000 BTC at an average price of $68,477, bringing its total holdings to an impressive 205,000 BTC tokens, valued at close to $15 billion.

With MicroStrategy’s average purchase price currently standing at $33,706, the firm has witnessed substantial gains, more than doubling its initial investment. Should MicroStrategy secure the full $500 million from its latest offering and invest it at the current market rate of over $73,000 per BTC, its Bitcoin stash could potentially increase by approximately 6,850 tokens.

MicroStrategy’s decision to proceed with another private offering underscores its confidence in the current market conditions. Bitcoin’s price has surged to its highest-ever levels, experiencing a remarkable 75% rally since the beginning of the year. Despite concerns among analysts regarding potential outflows from MicroStrategy’s stock following the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, the company’s stock price has soared nearly threefold since the start of the year.

Investors remain intrigued by MicroStrategy’s ability to leverage its exposure to Bitcoin while also generating yield. The firm’s recent initiatives to amplify leverage through private offerings of senior convertible notes have garnered significant interest, propelling its stock price up by 150% in under three weeks.


As a result, other public companies may find themselves admiring MicroStrategy’s bold Bitcoin strategy.

Current Crypto-capital of MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy announced Monday that it bought another 12,000 bitcoins, worth just over $800 million. MicroStrategy now has a crypto capital of 205,000 Bitcoin and is now worth approximately $14.7 billion. Assuming Bitcoin remains at its current level of $73 thousand, another $500 million investment will buy another 6,800 bitcoins. Over the entire period of Microstrategy’s operation, the average purchase price of 1 Bitcoin is $33,706. Therefore, the company is currently generating more than 2x earnings. Such success also attracts investors into the company’s shares. Its price on the American stock exchange has tripled since the beginning of 2024, or 150% for the last 3 weeks.

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