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Who Is Mr. 100: The History Of A Crypto Wallet That Received 100 BTC Daily


As of March 2024, the 14th place in the list of the richest is occupied by the mysterious Mr. 100. This is a wallet that has regularly received amounts of at least 100 BTC per day for several years. Now, it has almost 53,000 BTC on its balance sheet, or at least $3.3 billion. Knowing the news (especially such important ones) from the world of cryptocurrencies is useful for those who bet on them. For betting, there is a convenient mobile application called the Mostbet app in Nepal.

Here Are The Details About The Mysterious Mister 100

HODL15Capital’s post on X revealed that the Mr. 100 whale wallet acquired over 1,000 Bitcoin (BTC) on March 15, representing a significant portion of the total 1,907 BTC purchased by the top ten spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This wallet has been consistently amassing BTC since November 2022, coinciding with the collapse of the FTX exchange. Notably, it has been steadily adding at least 100 BTC daily since February 14, often receiving larger transfers from a secondary wallet address that has been incrementally accumulating BTC since 2019.

Despite Bitcoin’s price hovering near all-time highs, Mr. 100 remains undeterred in its accumulation efforts. On March 12 alone, when Bitcoin surpassed $72,000, the wallet added a substantial 400 BTC to its holdings. As a result of this ongoing accumulation spree, the Mr. 100 wallet now ranks as the 14th largest BTC holder, based on data from Bitinfocharts.

Who Does This Wallet Belong To?

According to HODL15Capital’s observations on X, the enigmatic whale known as Mr. 100 has been accumulating Bitcoin since at least 2019.


Despite speculation about its origin, it’s clear that this entity is not affiliated with U.S. ETFs, as confirmed by HODL15Capital’s mapping of those entities. Potential candidates for the whale’s identity include a Hong Kong financial institution, the Qatar Investment Authority, other Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, a cold wallet linked to the South Korean Upbit exchange, or an unidentified address associated with a tech billionaire.

Arkham Intelligence has tagged Mr. 100’s wallet as belonging to the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange based on blockchain analysis. Mr.100 buys BTC in USD through many exchanges, but 90% comes from Upbit and Bithumb and only occasionally from Binance and OKX. Crystal Intelligence further corroborates this finding, indicating that the wallet’s transactions are characteristic of a VASP-type service and originate from Upbit. Notably, Mr. 100 has been consistently sending Bitcoin to an Upbit hot wallet in sizable tranches, with significant transactions reaching up to 3,000 BTC.


Moreover, the secondary wallets associated with Mr. 100 have undergone Know Your Customer (KYC) verification on the Upbit exchange, according to pseudonymous on-chain sleuth Mai. This suggests a strong connection between Mr. 100 and Upbit’s operations, with patterns resembling the exchange’s typical asset management practices.

Why Is This Aggressive (And Very Rich!) Investor Dangerous For The Market?

The activities of whales like ‘Mr. 100’ in the cryptocurrency market can exert both positive and negative influences. While their presence can enhance market liquidity during bull runs, sudden actions by whales like Mr. 100, such as large-scale sell-offs, can trigger cascading effects like liquidations and margin calls, leading to heightened volatility and impacting smaller investors.

It’s crucial to monitor the activities and intentions of whales like Mr. 100 and even track significant sell-offs if necessary, as their moves can significantly shape the trajectory of the Bitcoin market. This highlights the importance of conducting thorough research and not relying solely on the actions of whales, whose goals and strategies may differ from those of average investors.