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What other features will the iPhone 14 Pro have?

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Apple is widely expected to release the iPhone 14 Pro later this year, and the tech giant’s new flagship device will offer users a variety of new features and upgrades. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to come with a larger display, improved camera, powerful processor, and other features that make it an attractive choice for users. In this article, we look at what other features you can expect from the upcoming iOS device.

The iPhone 14 Pro will feature a Super Retina XDR display that gives users a resolution of up to 2 million pixels and advanced HDR support for brighter whites and deeper blacks in photos, games, movies, and more. In addition to the improved screen technology, users can expect Apple’s A14 Bionic chip providing its most powerful performance yet with the latest system-on-a-chip technology. Graphics processing capabilities of the A14 Bionic surpass its predecessor thanks to an eight core GPU which also provide augmented reality capabilities supported by iOS 14.

The iPhone 14 Pro also boasts an upgraded camera module featuring wide angle lens which would allow enthusiasts to capture innovative images in difficult lighting conditions or corner scenes while benefitting from improved optical image stabilization capabilities. Regarding durability, Apple is expected to upgrade from their existing Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection layer and introduce sapphire crystal glass for even better scratch resistance on future iPhones.

Finally but not least, perhaps one of the most exciting differences one should expect from the iPhone 14 Pro is MagSafe. This innovative magnetic charging coupled with wireless charging opens up extra possibilities for accessories such as cases as well as inductive car chargers among other products that include MagSafe compatibility like stands or keyboards using magnets technology thus offering customers easy access when it comes to connecting their portable devices speeding up data transfer rate when linking photo galleries and movie libraries among others areas where these features can be put into practice immediately after launch.

Kuo: Only iPhone 14 Pro Models to Get ‘A16’ Chip, Standard Models to Retain A15

It has been recently reported by Kuo that only the iPhone 14 Pro models are set to get the new ‘A16’ chipset, while the standard models will retain the A15 chipset. This move has raised some eyebrows in the tech industry as people speculate what other features the iPhone 14 Pro will have to justify the new chipset.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the topic to get a better understanding.

Kuo: Only iPhone 14 Pro Models to Get ‘A16’ Chip

The latest information from noted leaker Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple’s anticipated iPhone 14 Pro models lineup this year will be differentiated from its standard and Max counterparts in one significant way — the use of an all-new, upgraded A16 processor.

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Kuo explains that the “A16” is expected to offer more performance than the A14 found in 2020’s iPhones, with an improved upgrade cycle. That means the upcoming devices will offer faster loading times and faster performance when multi-tasking, as well as enhanced media handling capabilities.

It is not yet clear if this new chipset will be used exclusively in the Pro models, or whether it will eventually make its way into Apple’s lower-end iPhones over time. However, even if it is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pros, it still could make them extremely attractive propositions for those looking for greater power and speed.

Standard Models to Retain A15

When the iPhone 14 Pro is released, Apple will likely include two models with its latest A15 chipset. The A-series chipsets are a lineup of 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip (SOC) designed by Apple Inc. With each version of the series, Apple has continued to make processor and architecture improvements that deliver improved performance and battery life for their devices.

The A15 is expected to retain the hexa-core CPU design that debuted first on the A12X Bionic SoC, featuring four high-performance cores and two energy efficiency cores. Rumored benchmark scores show an increase in performance compared to its predecessor on single and multi-core tasks, with some estimates suggesting a 20% improvement over the A14 chipset.

Additionally, it has been suggested that this latest iteration of the A-series chipset will also come with an improved 5nm+ manufacturing process, similar to what Huawei used in their Kirin 990 5G SoC. This should increase battery life and power efficiency by reducing power consumption while delivering better performance. With this combination of features, there is no doubt that Apple is all set for another generation of powerful and efficient iPhones with the iPhone 14 Pro series.


The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro is expected to take the design of the iPhone even further. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a brand new A16 chip, along with other notable design changes.

kuo iphone lpddr 4x ramcharltonmacrumors a16

With more powerful hardware and sleek design, the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro promises to be the peak of Apple’s engineering. Let’s look at what else the iPhone 14 Pro might have in store.

All-Screen Design

The next-generation iPhone 14 Pro will have an advanced all-screen design and TrueDepth camera system, allowing users to unlock their phone with Face ID and take selfies and videos.

Apple is rumored to be pushing the boundaries of modern display technology, employing a unique OLED edge-to-edge display with minimal bezel for an immersive fullscreen experience. Additionally, the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro is expected to feature the latest 5G technology, allowing for lightning fast connections with increased bandwidth, so you can power through tasks or game on the go.

With its upgraded facial recognition technology and A14 Bionic processor, Apple says its all-screen design allows users to safely access their content on the go like never before.

Smaller Notch

The smaller notch on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro will surely delight fans of the iPhone range. Thanks to recent advancements in display technology, Apple has been able to significantly reduce the size of the notch- which has been a source of complaint for many users.

This will mean that there will be more room on the display for notifications and apps in addition to a more aesthetically pleasing design. As well as allowing users to enjoy a larger screen estate, this new model will incorporate better Face ID security, with improved recognition and angle adjusting capabilities.

Additionally, this new smaller notch will provide an immersive experience from watching movies or streaming media and thus enable Apple device owners to fully enjoy their media content.

120Hz Refresh Rate

One of the features that have been rumored for the iPhone 14 Pro is a 120Hz refresh rate. A refresh rate determines how many times per second the image on your display updates—the higher this number, the more interactions and movements you’ll notice on your device. In comparison to a traditional 60Hz display, a 120Hz display will look more lifelike and smooth while scrolling, gaming, and animations in general.

This enhanced level of interactivity makes viewing much easier on the eyes, and it could reduce strain while using your device over long periods. With the 120Hz refresh rate technology expected to come with the iPhone 14’s release, users can enjoy their favorite apps with greater responsiveness.


According to Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro Models will feature a ‘A16’ chip, while the Standard Models will stick with the A15. While this news is exciting for the Pro Models, buyers of the Standard models should get excited about an equally important feature.

The iPhone 14 Pro Models will come equipped with even better camera features than the previous models. Let’s consider what we may expect from the iPhone 14 Pro Models’ Camera.

Periscope Telephoto Lens

The latest rumor among Apple fans is that the iPhone 14 Pro will feature a periscope telephoto lens. This feature would be the first of its kind, bringing unprecedented optical zoom capability to mobile devices. With the new periscope telephoto lens, users will be able to take detailed shots of far away objects with a minimum of fuss. Additionally, the lens will feature advanced image stabilization technology for minimising motion blur. The lens will likely have OIS (optical image stabilization) for both still and video capture allowing you to capture images in rich detail and challenging lighting situations.

kuo iphone 4x ramcharltonmacrumors pro a16

This is an exciting upgrade from current iPhones as it expands photographic and videographic capabilities. For more ambitious content creators looking to get extra range out of their camera phone, this gives them a wider range of shooting possibilities at their fingertips and complete control over their angles and perspective when photographing larger scenes or landscapes.

LiDAR Scanner

One of the most highly anticipated features, the LiDAR Scanner is designed to help photographers and videographers capture their subjects in even better clarity. This system enables accurate measurements of any object, scanned in real time up to five meters from the device. The LiDAR Scanner holds great promise for virtual and augmented reality applications, as well as for use in 3D modeling and interactive gaming.

With the LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 14 Pro, users can measure a person’s height or the width of a room more accurately than ever before. This extended depth sensing also allows users to define areas in photos with greater precision. Furthermore, LiDAR technology also adds specific depth information to each frame taken during low-light photography and video recording which can assist with creating more realistic effects using automatic editing tools.

This advanced system utilizes machine learning algorithms combining infrared pulses and onboard cameras to calculate precise distances between objects by measuring how quickly light travels from the sensor and back onto its surface area. The resulting data is then analyzed to create a detailed map so that photographing small objects or animals will be easier than ever before. Additionally, both professionals and novices have unprecedented access to interactively compose perfect macro shots environment employing an enriched image sensor complexity for enhanced results up close.

8K Video Recording

The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to have 8K video recording, making it the first Apple device to offer this feature. This allows for ultra-high-definition (UHD) recordings that are four times as clear as 4K, with a resolution of up to 7680 x 4320 pixels. With 8K video recording, you’ll be able to capture incredibly detailed recordings with no difficulty. This is great for shooting events and capturing stunning visuals.

Additionally, the data rate of 8K is lower than 4K video so they won’t consume as much storage capacity, allowing you to create more videos without having to worry about storage issues.

The new iPhone 14 Pro will also be equipped with an image stabilisation feature which will keep your videos stable and smooth even if the person filming starts moving around quickly or shakes their hand during shooting. This means that no matter how fast and sudden your movements may be during recording, the footage will remain smooth and stable for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Furthermore, when combined with Apple’s deep neural networks (DNN) technology, iPhone 14 Pro can recognize objects in videos automatically and apply filters or effects according to these object normalizes or emotions recognition in real-time without lag.


According to noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the highly anticipated iPhone 14 Pro models will receive the A16 chip, while the standard models will retain the A15 chip.

It is expected that the A16 chip will have an improved battery life compared to the A15 chip. It remains to be seen if the battery life will be vastly improved or if there will be a just a slight bump in battery life.

Longer Battery Life

The iPhone 14 Pro is rumored to feature a longer battery life compared to previous models. The battery capacity will likely be increased from 10 or 11 hours in the iPhone 12 to 12 or 13 hours in the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. This increase in battery life will provide more time for continuous browsing, streaming, and gaming.

Additionally, several sources indicate that Apple is set to introduce a new technology that should help the battery last longer under tough conditions. This could include extended times of intense use, such as gaming sessions and internet browsing over cellular data.

Furthermore, reports state that Apple is looking into the process of including magnets into their batteries, allowing them to hold more energy than before while still being thin enough for the device frame. Though this report has not been confirmed yet, if true it’ll allow the company to produce thinner devices with improved overall battery charge time and capacity.


According to the reports by Kuo, the A16 chip to be featured in the iPhone 14 Pro models will be Apple’s latest and greatest silicon. This chip will offer premium connectivity and performance that will be beneficial for the user experience.

Additionally, the A15 chip will be found in the standard iPhone 14 models. Here, we will discuss the various connectivity options that both the A15 and A16 chips will support.

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