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Edge Impulse is well-positioned in the TinyML market

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Edge Impulse is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that enables rapid development of low-power machine learning models on embedded devices. By leveraging the power of TinyML—the subset of AI designed to run on microcontrollers and other space and power-constrained devices—Edge Impulse enables developers to design and deploy AI models at a fraction of the complexity required by traditional approaches. This makes it an ideal platform for creating products with connected sensors, enabling real-time actionable insights closer to the source than ever before.

The TinyML market is increasingly being seen as a major growth opportunity in the burgeoning field of IoT, especially when it comes to developing industrial solutions and products with connected sensors. The combination of 8- and 16-bit MCUs, use cases that demand the highest levels of accuracy, size constraints and battery life optimization presents unique opportunities for companies offering tinyML solutions such as Edge Impulse. Market research estimates for 2020 place tinyML market growth at an impressive 24%, with further acceleration throughout 2021. This upward trend is driven by major customers across automotive, healthcare, retail, industrial automation and consumer markets looking for ways to quickly gain tangible insights from sensor data without making drastic investments in time or resources.

Edge Impulse lands $34M as the TinyML market continues to grow

The TinyML market is a rapidly growing field, with Edge Impulse recently raising $34M in funding to support their development efforts. Edge Impulse’s mission is to shape the future of mobile and embedded machine learning (TinyML) with software and applications, giving access to anyone for any purpose.

The success of their platform rests on three major advantages: comparability, scalability and a library of open-source code that simplifies the deployment of production-ready models even on highly constrained devices. This provides customers with access to a wide range of popular ML models that can be quickly deployed at scale.

Additionally, Edge Impulse’s edge-optimization capabilities have made it an attractive player in the world of edge analytics and ML applications. The company also offers its cloud platform, which allows users to quickly train custom models on any given dataset or add new datasets dynamically. This enables customers to develop highly powered AI projects faster and cheaper than ever before.

Through its unique approach, Edge Impulse has established itself as the leader in TinyML innovation by providing businesses with the tools needed for successful edges infrastructure development without having prior machine learning expertise or specialized infrastructure know how. With their established presence in the market, Edge Impulse is well-positioned to continue making significant contributions in this evolving space as it continues accelerate adoption within enterprises.

Benefits of Edge Impulse for TinyML Development

Edge Impulse is an end-to-end platform for TinyML development. It simplifies the development process by allowing developers to create high-performing applications rapidly by using powerful and intuitive tools. From building models, deploying them in hardware or connecting devices with Edge Impulse, this platform allows for rigid accuracy and realtime performance.

Here are some of the benefits of Edge Impulse:

– Edge Impulse provides a fully managed cloud infrastructure, making it easy to develop and deploy solutions quickly while enabling scalability and agility.

– The library of custom sensors in the platform enables more accurate data capture, so that developers can better understand their environment.

– The platform integrates machine learning models into existing hardware and software systems from other providers such as STM (STMicroelectronics) or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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– Developing applications becomes faster due to optimized code on the device, reducing memory usage and power consumption for edge applications.

– Edge Impulse features a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) solution with automated model retraining whenever there’s new data available. This greatly reduces development time compared to traditional embedded system development approaches.

– With intelligent in fleet device management capabilities, teams can remotely deploy application updates around the globe – while monitoring device security through assessments such as application checksum verification and telemetry data ingestion control.

Edge Impulse’s Recent Funding Round

In March 2021, Edge Impulse, a leading provider of embedded machine learning solutions for edge devices, announced the successful completion of its Series B round of funding. The $34 million investment injection is said to be among the largest in recent years for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup. Investors include Intel Capital, following strategic partnership efforts announced earlier this year, as well as current investors Y Combinator Continuity and Index Ventures. This marks the sixth funding round for Edge Impulse since its inception in 2017.

Edge Impulse believes that their platform has seen exponential growth recently due to their focus on TinyML or Machine Learning (ML) solutions designed specifically for devices constrained by memory and power. By leveraging their TinyML platform’s module-level integration capabilities at scale, they are able to help edge device manufacturers add advanced embedded ML solutions without compromising on power and cost efficiency– creating opportunities for a variety of use cases across the industrial and embedded device industries where edge automation is heavily growing.

The fresh funding will be used to further expand Edge Impulse’s leadership in existing markets as well as replicating market entry into new geographies through strategic partnerships. With the Edgify recipe feature also deployed late last year on the internet of things (IoT) node hub KaaHub, it comes as no surprise that Edge Impulse already has plans to build out its recipe library in different languages and extend support beyond KaaHub to additional hubs like Azure IoT Hub and AWS IoT Core later this year.

Growth of the TinyML Market

The TinyML market has grown exponentially in recent years as the miniaturization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly feasible. TinyML, which stands for tiny machine learning, is a special type of AI where basic machine learning tasks can be performed on minuscule devices powered by extremely low-power processing chips. This technology is sparking new capabilities across multiple industries, with Edge Impulse well-positioned to lead the innovation surge.

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Thanks to advances in software and hardware technology, it’s now possible for machine learning models to run on battery operated devices that consume very little power. With these capabilities come a range of potential use cases from industrial automation to consumer applications such as voice recognition and activity tracking. This has enabled an entirely new world of possibilities, as well as created an ever-growing opportunity for companies like Edge Impulse to innovate quickly and deliver real-world solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Edge Impulse’s edge development platform enables anyone to rapidly prototyping and deploy tiny machine learning applications within minutes — removing complex engineering overhead while providing data scientists with access to affordable edge compute hardware kits. As its technology continues to advance further, the company will be poised to enable developers around the globe with cutting-edge tools that allow them to more easily collect, analyze and interpret data at the edge — allowing them take advantage of this booming market opportunity.

Impact of Edge Impulse’s Funding Round on the TinyML Market

The recent funding round for Edge Impulse marks a major milestone in the TinyML market. With US$34 million raised in the Series A round, Edge Impulse is now well-positioned to take advantage of its premier platform for developing embedded motion and vibration sensors. The company will use these funds to accelerate the development of its hardware and software components, expand into new markets, and influence more customers worldwide.

This infusion of capital signals increased interest in the opportunities that TinyML has to offer. By driving advances such as edge computing, machine learning technology, cloud technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI), it’s pushing the boundaries of innovation while delivering powerful cost savings. Additionally, many organizations are leveraging these technology capabilities to develop critically important energy-efficient applications that save energy costs while significantly improving outcomes.

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As a result of this influx in capital into Edge Impulse, we expect to see more investments from public and private entities targeting AI-based solutions on embedded systems with even smaller footprints than ever before used in large-scale production deployments. Furthermore, we anticipate that this trend will stimulate other complementary tools such as deep neural networks (DNNs), training libraries for different application domains like computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), as well as auto ML techniques to enable faster experimentation than ever before. All these trends indicate that Edge Impulse is extremely well positioned to make an impactful contribution towards advancing TinyML worldwide.

Challenges Ahead for Edge Impulse

For Edge Impulse to make the most of this huge market opportunity, they will have to face some definite challenges. To start with, the TinyML market is already overcrowded, with over 200 startups striving to become the leaders in the space. Edge Impulse will need to continue to develop its edge-based AI platform and further invest in educating developers about the potential of tinyML. They’ll also need to differentiate their product from others in the space and bring innovative solutions to bear.

Another challenge lies in dealing with regulatory and compliance issues that may arise from using tinyML technology for certain applications in certain jurisdictions. Finally, producing data sets tailored for understanding real-world conditions and scenarios is essential for using AI effectively; Edge Impulse will need to invest in developing industry-specific datasets for various industries where its platform is used.


In conclusion, Edge Impulse is an early-stage company occupying a unique position in the TinyML market. Its team is composed of extraordinary specialists with a solid background in embedded CPU design, encryption algorithms, and other disciplines related to machine learning. Through its relentless focus on scalability and efficiency, Edge Impulse has quickly gained traction and landed a major $34M investment.

This influx of capital will help empower Edge Impulse to continue to develop its cutting-edge solutions and build upon its current success. As the TinyML market continues to gain both attention and investments from larger companies, Edge Impulse lands itself in an attractive position to be one of the most recognizable players going forward.

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