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Understanding a Casino Operator’s Role in the iGaming Industry

A casino operator is responsible for running a casino. The company has several missions to complete to offer a competitive iGaming environment for players. 

This includes making deals with software providers to offer a large collection of games and linking up with affiliate websites to bring traffic to the site. Affiliate link-ups also mean the casino gains more exposure. 

Licensing to Target Different Geos

Another important decision operators must make is which regulatory body they need to register their online casino platforms.

Other examples of licensing authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a strong licensing body covering most countries where online gambling is legal, but the country does not have domestic licensing.

If an operator wants to target cryptocurrency players, the Curacao licensing authority is the go-to licensing body today. As far as licensing is concerned, an operator must show players that its games have been tested for fair results and that it abides by an online casino licensing framework. 

The operating company must choose a licensing body depending on its target market. To give you a simple example, if the operator wants its casino to offer casino games to UK players, then the casino must gain licensing from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC),

Operators and Slot Review Site Collaboration

Slot review sites and operators collaborate so casino players can play free slot demos. Both the operators and the review sites benefit because the free slot demos attract potential players to both sites.

Players who visit websites that provide online slot reviews can try the slot demos without risk and get advice from expert slot players. The advice covers slot features, combination win payouts, and the slot’s pros and cons. 

In addition, the casino player reviewing online slots will also offer technical details and an overview of how the games are played. At the same time, the review website also gives players a chance to leave feedback so other players can get a feel for how popular the game is.

This process is quite lucrative for operators and online slot review sites. The operator can offer the slot review site a deal that tracks any players who sign up from the review website and pay a commission for the referral. In turn, the operator’s casino gains more sign ups.

Operators With Multiple Casino Brands

Some online casino operators will try to attract different target audiences by launching several brands using the same casino platform but offering different themes and bonuses.

For example, Infiniza Limited is a well-known operator with a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence. Its several online casino brands make it a great example for this section of the guide. 

Thanks to Infiniza Limited’s sophisticated and easy-to-use real-money casino gaming sites, which prioritise fast payout times and offer transparent bonuses for novice and experienced players alike, the operator is now considered by most as a large online casino company.

Some of the operator’s brands include Infiniza’s Amok Casino, known for simple bonuses with no wagering requirements and a promise that the winnings are players’ forever, and Refuel Casino, which guarantees cashback on net losses and promises an easy and fast transaction process. 

Other Infiniza casinos include Goldroll Casino, which targets a female audience with a massive bonus package and a vast library of games. 

The list continues with Spinero Casino, which features a huge selection of slots and table games. The Winzie Casino and Monsino Casino cater to the audience’s different needs with unique bonus structures and a hybrid of sportsbooks and casino games.

An Operator Role in iGaming Summarised

The casino operator is a middleman, generating revenue for software providers and slot review sites. The middle ground is between the software provider or slot review site and the player.

Operators are also advocates of free-play slot demos. The idea is to offer players the chance to try slots for free and get a feel for the gameplay. 

This includes adding free-play games on the casino site, making deals with slot review sites that offer breakdowns of each online slot, and then directing players to the operator’s casino to play the slot for real money. 

Slime operators also have multiple casino brands. One example of an operator that has created numerous casino brands to attract players from different states is Infiniza Limited. Some of its online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses and bonus deals with no wagering requirements, as well as attractive cashback offers. 

Operators also market to specific demographics. Some aim to attract female players, while others appeal to players using certain themes.