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Rate amazon prime movies in one click

Rating movies on amazon prime is something you can’t do without having to find the exact link to the movie. This extension finally makes it possible for everyone to rate all your movies in one click, making this process both faster and easier than before.

What is Amazon Prime Video and how does it work?

If you want to watch movies or series on amazon prime, you have to sign up. It is free of charge and with the membership you also get access to the online library where all the movies are available for watching through your account. You can watch movies directly in your browser, but there are apps for almost every system which allow you to watch movies offline.

You can download the movies or series in different qualities, so you are able to choose how much space you want to spend on amazon prime videos.

What are Amazon Prime Movies?

Movies which are included when you sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. They also have a lot of different foreign films and series, so there is a really big selection you can choose from.

This extension makes rating amazon prime movies possible for everyone! How does it work? Just click the icon and rate your selected movie in one click. That’s all! It also remembers your last rating, so no need to do this over and over again. You can change your rating, so it doesn’t have to be permanent.

If you don’t like the extension and want to uninstall it, just navigate your browser to chrome://extensions and select ‘Details’ on top of the page in order to get more information about the extension and who is responsible for this software. On this page you can unistall the software from the extension list.

How to rate amazon prime movies in one click

Netflix and Amazon Video both offer a great selection of movies and series, so who do you choose? How do you decide which service is the best for your needs?

Amazon Video offers a lot of advantages compared to Netflix. You can watch amazon prime videos offline, if you have downloaded the movie in an appropriate quality before. This means that you can watch your favorite movies or series anywhere you want, without worrying about how much space the movie takes on your device.

In addition to this, Amazon Video also has a pretty big collection of foreign films and series available to their customers, which you won’t find on Netflix. And if that isn’t enough yet, their selection is constantly growing.

Prime Video is also more accessible than Netflix. You don’t need to sign up so you can watch amazon prime videos directly, without the need of having to create an account first. If you want to watch movies offline, you just have to download them before and enjoy your favorite movies even on the go!

If you do not like the extension, you can always uninstall the software by going to ‘chrome://extensions’ and remove it from your browser. You are able to rate amazon prime videos in one click. Just select the movie you want to rate and choose a rating out of five stars!


It is really easy to rate amazon prime movies in one click. You just have to select a movie and choose a rating from 1-5 stars!

Do you want to know how it works? The extension automatically remembers your last rating, so you can change it anytime if necessary. After installing the software on your browser, you will be able to rate amazon prime movies with just one click! No need to select the movie twice.

Do you want to uninstall it? Go to chrome://extensions and remove the software from your browser! You also get access to all the features of this extension, so feel free to contact us if you have feedback or questions.