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How Buser plans to use its new funding to continue growing

brazilbased 138m lgt softbankalerigi jrreuters

Brazil-based transportation startup, Buser, has raised $138 million in a Series C round, led by LGT Lightstone, Softbank, Redpoint Eventures and Jaguar Ventures. The funding round also saw the participation of existing investors, Monashees, VivaReal and BL1. This new funding brings Buser’s total amount of money raised since its launch in 2014 to over $150 million.

This article will explore how Buser plans to use its newly raised funds to continue growing and scaling its business.

Overview of Buser

Buser is a customer service ridesharing platform that creates safe, efficient and affordable transportation options. Buser has been serving customers since 2018 and has seen a steady growth in its user base yearly. This new funding will allow them to expand their services into more markets across the U.S., further increasing their market share and providing more convenient rideshare options for customers.

To achieve this growth, Buser plans to use their new funding for three primary objectives:

1. Increase capacity for customer services teams which will facilitate the creation of more jobs in customer service-related roles such as technological, operational and marketing support;

2. Invest in research and development initiatives that focus on improving user experiences through enhanced features such as better trip tracking and driver accountability;

3. Expand into new markets via physical expansion of their operations centers and promotional campaigns such as discounted rides/trips in newly-serviced areas.

Buser aims to become the leading provider of innovative, cost-effective ridesharing solutions to meet the increased need for safe, reliable transportation options.

Funding Details

Brazilian startup Buser announced this week that it raised $138 million in a strategic round of funding led by LGT Lightstone, SoftBank, and others. This brings the total investment in the company to $153 million so far.

With this new funding, Buser plans to continue expanding its operations and strengthen its presence in Latin America. But, first, let’s look at the details of this impressive funding round.

138m lgt softbankalerigi jrreuters

Amount raised

Buser, a Brazilian startup that makes booking and managing bus trips easier, has raised $2.6M in Series A funding. The round drew new investors such as Insight Partners and Redpoint eventures, joining companies like Monashees, VOSTOK New Ventures, etc.

The fresh capital will allow Buser to grow as a leading bus operator in Latin America. The company plans to use the funds to strengthen its technology platform, acquire new customers and expand its portfolio of services.

Buser had an impressive success story since it was born three years ago with two co-founders and two buses offering rides from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays the company works with over 300 thousand active users each month in more than 1,800 destinations through 3 thousand buses throughout Brazil and Peru taking care of over 18 million passengers so far! With operations mainly focused on long distance trips, Buser’s goal is to become the leading bus operator in Latin America by 2025.


Buser is proud to announce a new round of funding from a distinguished group of investors. This capital influx allows us to continue growing and offer more tools for our users worldwide.

The funding announcement was validating for the Buser team, which has been developing innovative transportation solutions since the company was founded in 2017. With this investment, Buser can now share our vision with more people and connect them with public transportation providers across the globe.

Our investors include venture capitalists, private funds, and key industry leaders. Strong support from these investors allows us to bring additional resources and expertise into the mix while supporting groundbreaking research and development projects. In addition, we are committed to using this capital injection to improve our products, services, and customer experience by expanding strongly into new markets domestically and abroad.

This injection of financial resources aligns with our values as an organisation that puts its customers first: providing reliable transportation solutions for everyone — regardless of their geographies — through tailored experiences that meet each individual’s needs for safety and comfort. We look forward to continuing our growth trajectory alongside this distinguished group of funders.

Brazil startup Buser raises $138 million from LGT, Softbank and others

Brazilian startup Buser recently raised $138 million from LGT, Softbank, and two other corporate investors. This new funding will be an integral part of Buser’s expansion plans.

With the additional funds, Buser will look to expand into new markets, develop new technologies, and further its mission of creating the greatest mobility platform in Latin America.

Look at Buser’s expansion plans and how their new funding will help them.

brazilbased 138m lgt jrreuters

Expansion of services

Buser is planning to use its new funding to expand its services. The company plans to use the money to offer more features and services that previously had not been possible or practical due to budget constraints. This expansion will enable us to build a larger customer base, penetrate new markets, and increase our revenue potential long-term.

The list of new services and enhancements Buser is planning include:

  • Increased scalability options via cloud hosting.
  • Improved searching capabilities with advanced algorithms.
  • An upgraded user interface designed for intuitive usage.
  • Mobile access options via app development.
  • Deeper analytics/insights reporting through interactive dashboards.
  • An automated marketing communication tool.
  • An expanded API library for third party integrations.
  • A loyalty rewards feature for repeat customers.

Buser is committed to providing users with the best experience possible when using their platform. These expansions are intended to give users additional features that add value and help them reach their business goals. We’re very excited about the future of Buser and look forward to continuing our growth in the coming months and years!

Expansion of geographic reach

One of the main focuses of Buser’s expansion plans is to expand its geographic reach. The company currently operates in the United States, Canada and Europe, but the new financing will allow them to explore opportunities in additional markets.

Buser plans to open more offices in strategic areas worldwide, enabling them to deliver top-notch customer service and provide valuable assistance to its customers from any corner of the world. The new funding will also allow them to grow their network of experienced professionals dedicated to helping clients at every stage of their journey.

Furthermore, Buser plans to invest in technology advancements allowing its platform to operate on multiple operating systems and devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. This will ensure that all clients get access to up-to-date information about their trips and can make any necessary adjustments from anywhere – giving them a truly hassle-free experience.

Lastly, they are launching an innovative heuristic algorithm which will help them deliver an even faster and more reliable service by predicting user needs based on past behaviour patterns. This technology ensures customers always receive an enhanced user experience when interacting with Buser’s digital platform – ultimately helping them increase customer satisfaction scores and reduce churn rates across the globe.

brazilbased 138m softbankalerigi jrreuters


Buser, a Brazilian startup, recently secured a sizable investment of $138 million from investment groups such as LGT, Softbank and others.

The company plans to use their new funding to continue developing their technology and expand their presence globally.

In this article, we look at how Buser plans to leverage this new funding to continue to grow their business.

Improving the app

Buser, a start-up that operates a bus transportation app and payment system, recently secured a new round of funding. This funding will be used to continue the growth of the start-up and take it to the next level. Here is how Buser plans on utilising the funds to improve their app.

First, Buser will use the funds to hire more customer service representatives who will answer customer queries, help troubleshoot any issues with their app or services and provide general advice on how to get the most out of their product offerings. This will create a more streamlined customer experience and promote customer loyalty by providing timely and thorough responses that promptly address customer needs.

Second, Buser plans to use part of its new funding to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for their app. With this feature, customers can find routes faster and receive real-time notifications whenever schedule changes occur. Additionally, passengers can stay informed about delays or other issues concerning their commute via alerts sent directly from the app itself which should ensure smoother rides for all involved.

Thirdly,Buster’s team plans on using some of its new funding for marketing purposes to spread awareness about its products and services through channels such as television spots, social media ads, etc. By increasing visibility in this way they hope to attract more customers and grow their user base exponentially over time.

Last but not least with this extra cash flow Buser anticipates increasing its salary pool to give employees good pay while better motivating all key players within their organisation. Doing so should translate into better work performances all around which ultimately should benefit not only the organisation but also its users at large.

Enhancing the user experience

With its new round of funding and subsequent acquisition of Buser, the popular ridesharing platform has set itself up for continued growth in the coming years. Although Buser is already a well-established platform, serving millions of customers daily across 5 continents, the company nevertheless seeks to improve its services by continually enhancing the user experience.

To achieve this goal, Buser plans to invest in various initiatives to further improve customer convenience and satisfaction. This includes designing new technologies such as facial recognition for driver identification, developing AI-based algorithms to optimise ride allocations and route planning, integrating payment options like Apple Pay or Google Wallet and allowing passengers access to additional features such as instant messaging during their ride. All of these features should help create an experience which is more streamlined, efficient and convenient for all parties involved – drivers and riders alike. In addition, the goal is to provide users with even greater security, control and comfort while using the platform’s services.


Buser, the Brazilian startup that recently raised $138 million from LGT, Softbank and others, has acknowledged the need to expand their team to capitalise on their new funding. However, to continue to grow and keep up with the ever-changing landscape, Buser needs to hire the right talent that will be able to help them move forward.

This section will discuss how Buser plans to use their new funding to hire the right people and accomplish their goals.

Plans to hire more staff

Buser plans to use its new funding to continue investing in people, processes, and technology to drive growth. With these funds, Buser seeks to increase its capacity by hiring more staff and pursuing innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Our team is committed to hiring the most talented and passionate professionals. We are looking for individuals who thrive in our collaborative company culture and bring a wide variety of skills—from software engineering, marketing, sales operations, finance, customer success management—to the table.

We are passionate about fostering career growth through comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities and high-impact projects. We strive to provide each employee with an inspiring work environment that allows them to do their best work and rewards them for it. Buser is deeply committed to creating inclusive teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences so that everyone has an equal opportunity for success.