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Buser’s expansion plans include new services and features

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Buser, a ridesharing company, has announced plans to expand services by introducing new features and services. The company aims to create a better experience for riders and drivers alike.

In this article, we will discuss some of the features Buser introduces as part of its expansion plans. These include increased safety measures, improved navigation systems, easier payment options, and more expansive driver programs.

The implemented safety initiatives are designed to ensure each rider is comfortable and secure using the Buser platform. These initiatives include enhanced identity verification processes for riders and drivers; a more thorough background check process; and improved in-app communication capabilities between riders and drivers, allowing any issues or concerns to be addressed quickly during trips.

In addition to safety initiatives, Buser is improving their navigation system by integrating with other popular navigation services such as Google Maps. This integration will provide cyclists with route suggestions based on their current location while offering real time information regarding traffic conditions or construction along certain routes.

Lastly, the transportation network company has added additional payment options such as Apple Pay or direct bank transfers to make paying for trips quicker and simpler for users. Furthermore, their driver recruitment program has also been upgraded with additional incentives like competitive commissions for onboarded drivers.

Buser’s Expansion Plans

Brazilian transportation startup Buser recently secured a BRL 700 million money round led by LGT Lightrock, a venture capital firm from Liechtenstein. The company can expand its service portfolio and introduce new services and features with this funding.

This article will discuss Buser’s expansion plan and how it will positively impact their business.

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New Services

Buser is introducing a range of new services and features as part of its expansion plans. These include the ability to book private transportation, the option to create personal routes, and a rewards program.

Private Transportation: Buser will now offer travellers the option to book an entire bus for themselves or their group. Bookers will have full control over their journey and can pick their route and stops and modify existing trips.

Personal Routes: Buser will allow customers to design personalised routes from any starting point to any destination. This means that travellers can include even more unique stops along their journey.

Rewards Program: The new rewards program will enable customers to accumulate points for every ride booked on the platform, which can be used for discounts on future rides or special offers from partner companies. Rewards members also access exclusive deals on tickets, passes and other benefits.

New Features

Buser is excited to announce various upcoming product updates and features, designed to meet customer needs. Customers can look forward to these changes in the coming months, making interacting with Buser’s service faster, easier and more convenient than ever.

– Wallet integration: Customers can securely save their payment details for fast and easy checkout. – Travel bundles: We are introducing new travel packages for different budgets. – The Ability to Save and Schedule Orders: Customers can save their favourite orders and schedule them in advance, so they can easily order them again later on without having to enter all the details each time. – Improved Booking System: We are constantly improving our booking system so customers can control the process. – Delivery Tracking & Management: Keep track of all your orders in one place with real time delivery updates. – Customizable Crate Sizes and Visibility of Prices : Offering more customizable crate sizes for a better value for money and making it easy for customers to view prices at any given time.

brazilbased buser 138m lgt jrreuters


Brazilian ride-hailing startup Buser has recently raised BRL 700 million in a round led by venture capital firm LGT Lightrock. This funding will allow the firm to expand their existing service portfolio and introduce new features.

This article will explore the importance and implications of this funding, as well as Buser’s plans for expansion.

Amount Raised

To support Buser’s expansion plans, the company has recently completed a successful external equity funding round, raising $10.2M from major venture capitalists and leading industry investors. These funds will be used to finance the product and service enhancements outlined in the expansion plan and for working capital to fund investments in market-leading technologies. This marks a significant milestone in Buser’s growth trajectory and provides the resources needed to accelerate development and execution of its ambitious vision.

The funds are bringing together an exceptional team of investors that share Buser’s passion for revolutionising transportation-related services by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to empower end users. This team is committed to helping steer the company during these ambitious times of significant business transformation and growth. With this funding round complete, Buser is on track to execute its vision by delivering enhanced features, products, and services that promise an unparalleled user experience.

Funding Source

As part of Buser’s expansion plans, the company looks into potential funding sources to support new services and features. This could include private equity investments, venture capital, business loans or grants from government or corporate sponsors.

The most suitable type of funding chosen will depend on the scope of the planned activities and the level of investment needed. For example, private equity investors may be approached to provide a more significant sum than a bank loan. In contrast, venture capitalists may take a different approach if they want to become involved in growing the company over some time. More than one investment source may be needed for an expansive project like this.

The team has already developed a budget for their activities and researched potential funding sources. To maximise success and help ensure that these plans are well-funded, an experienced advisor specialising in sourcing investment capital will be consulted. They can offer guidance on securing loans, finding investors and arranging grants from various funders, and suggest ways to minimise risks while producing positive financial outcomes over longer periods.

Buser raises a BRL 700 million round led by LGT Lightrock to expand its service portfolio

The recent confirmation that Buser has raised BRL 700 million in its latest round of financing, led by LGT Lightrock, has sparked global interest in its expansion plans.

This infusion of funds is expected to allow Buser to drastically expand its service portfolio and introduce new features to meet the needs of its growing user base.

In this article, we will explore the potential impact of this expansion and how it could revolutionise the transportation landscape.

brazilbased buser lgt jrreuters

Increase in User Base

Users are often attracted to an app or service with features and services they need and want. Therefore, expansion plans with new features and services can draw in existing users and appeal to an untapped market of potential users. This increased user base ensures a steady flow of traffic and ultimately increased profits for the company.

Including additional services should always be chosen carefully, as it is important to meet the needs of existing customers while staying ahead of the technological curve. This means focusing on emerging trends in technology by keeping up with industry news and releasing competitive updates. Those new features should also be tailored for wider scope — not just specific targets or demographics focusing on a single segment or region. For example, diversifying will attract more customers from all over, instead of focusing solely on those within a certain geographical area.

Furthermore, a larger user base aids the organisation in data-driven decision making, which increases efficiency by minimising trial-and-error processes while giving tangible insight into customer interests and needs. With organised analytics providing business intelligence, expansion plans could include adding customization options within certain regions and using targeted advertisement campaigns to ensure maximum outreach possible with minimal effort invested into marketing strategies.

Creating expansion plans with innovative products that cater to the needs and wants of diverse markets will help drive sales upwards for any organisation looking for success in the market realm.

Improved User Experience

Expansion plans are important to keeping up with customer needs and improving user experience. Buser is committed to providing the best possible user experience and has been working hard on plans to expand its current services and features. These expansion plans include several areas that focus on improving the user experience and offering more tools designed to optimise user efficiency.

Increased platform functionality: Buser continues looking for ways to ensure users have access to powerful functionality that will provide them with the best possible user experience. This includes expanding the platform’s current capabilities, introducing new features, and offering users a larger selection of tools to maximise their efficiency when completing tasks.

Improved customer support: The team at Buser understands that customers need quick responses when they contact us for help or have any issues with their products or services. To ensure users receive a prompt reply, Buser is currently exploring ways of streamlining their customer service processes via creating a unique self-help portal, improving their communication systems, and increasing the team size dedicated solely to monitoring the customer support desk.

Advanced mobile apps: Utilising mobile applications is one way many companies can deliver content more efficiently and effectively while providing customers with additional tools designed specifically for mobile platforms. To take advantage of this technology Buser is currently updating its existing app designs by incorporating modern UX/UI into its structure and providing new advanced product/service related features within each app.

Increased security measures: With advancements in technology come heightened security threats which make it necessary for companies such as Buser to continually review their current safety protocols to keep data secure both onsite and online. To protect user information against potential malicious actors or cyber-attacks Buser has now implemented strict guidelines related data handling procedures which all staff must adhere to in addition establishing further means identity verification verification such as two factor authentication methods across all login sites linked with Buser account holders profiles.