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Video Poker: Game Overview And Rules


Video poker is an exciting and intriguing card game offered at offline and online casinos worldwide. RedDog online casino with video poker combines elements of classic poker and automated slot machines, making it unique and appealing to a diverse audience.

In this article, we will examine the description, rules, varieties, strategies, and math behind video poker and answer the question of whether it can be beaten.

What Is Video Poker?

The game of video poker is played according to the rules of one of the oldest varieties of card games – five-card exchange poker. Depending on the slot machine you choose, you’ll have between one and three exchanges to combine for the maximum payout.

Unlike sports poker, where jokers are not used, here they are and replace any value needed to make a combination.

Rules Of Video Poker For Money

Video poker is an exciting card game combining five-card draw poker elements and slot machines. Although the rules of different video poker variants may differ, the basic principles of the game remain the same.

Different slot machines that offer video poker play may have different payouts for collecting certain combinations. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with them before depositing money. The course of the hand is as follows:

  • Bet selection: First, the player chooses the bet size. Most online casinos allow you to change the number of coins and coin denominations for each bet.
  • Deal: After selecting the bet, the player is dealt five cards from a standard 52-card deck.
  • Decision Making: The player decides which of the five cards they want to keep (“hold”) and which ones they want to replace. In most versions of Video Poker, any number of cards can be substituted or not substituted at all.
  • Card Substitution: The cards that the player chooses not to keep are replaced with new cards from the same deck. This is the player’s final combination.
  • Payouts: If the player has a winning combination after replacing cards (e.g. a pair of Jacks or better), he receives a payout according to the payout table of that particular game. It is worth remembering that payout tables can vary depending on the particular version of video poker.
  • Extra Rounds: Some versions of video poker offer extra rounds or features such as ‘doubling up,’ where the player can try to double their winnings by guessing the color of a closed card.

To play video poker successfully, it is recommended to study the combinations offered in a particular game and their payouts, and to develop a strategy based on the probabilities of getting a particular combination.

After winning, an additional round is possible to increase the profit. By clicking on the Double button, you agree to take a risk. Five cards will appear on the screen, the leftmost of which will be open. Your task is to reveal the higher value from the four remaining ones. If you succeed, your winnings in the main game are doubled. If not, you will lose money and can start a new game. And sometimes you just have to guess the color of the suit on the closed card – it will be black or white.

The Main Varieties Of Video Poker

There are many varieties of video poker, each with slight variations in the rules and payout table. Some of the popular varieties include:

  • Jacks or Better: The most common version of video poker, where the minimum winning combination is a pair of jacks or higher.
  • Bonus Poker: A version with special payouts for certain combinations.
  • Tens or Better: Similar to Jacks or Better, but the minimum winning combination is a pair of tens.
  • Double Double Bonus: This version offers extra payouts for combinations such as double pairs.
  • Joker Poker: This version uses the joker as an extra card that can substitute for any other card to make a combination.

Dozens of other variations are also known.

Video Poker In Offline Casinos

In offline casinos, video poker is a machine with a screen and control keys. On the same screen, players can choose bets, hold or change cards, and wait for results.


This form of entertainment is popular among casino visitors, as it allows players to play poker without having to play against other players.

Video Poker At Online Casinos

Video poker is also widely available at online casinos. Players can choose from a variety of varieties of the game and play on virtual machines. Online casinos also provide the option to play for free in demo mode or for real money.

Video Poker Strategy

Playing video poker is not just about luck, it also requires strategy. There is an optimal strategy for each type of video poker that helps maximize your chances of winning. Choosing which cards to hold and which to change can significantly increase your profits.

The Math Of Video Poker

Video poker has a definite mathematical advantage for the casino. The pay tables are designed to ensure that the casino profits in the long run. However, the right strategy can minimize this advantage, making video poker one of the most profitable games for casino players.

Is It Possible To Beat Video Poker?

While it is possible to use optimal strategy to increase your chances of winning, the casino always has the advantage in the long run. This means that ultimately, long-term, a video poker game cannot be beaten. However, players can have successful sessions and make significant winnings.

Signing Up For A Casino With A Video Poker Game For Money

In order to get a chance to win a real score, gamblers need to go through the registration procedure at one of the gambling establishments.

  • Select and register: Choose a licensed casino and go to the “Register” section.
  • Data Entry: Fill out the form, indicating full details in the form that appears in front of you.
  • Identification details: Create a unique username and password for access.
  • Confirmation and Deposit: Confirm your registration by clicking on the link from the email and make an initial deposit.

Registration is an important step to ensure the safety of the player and the casino.


Verification helps the establishment ensure that you are of legal age to play and that the account belongs to you, preventing fraudulent activities such as using stolen credit cards.

Verified accounts often receive their winnings faster, as the gambling club is confident in the authenticity of the data.

  • Uploading Documents: In the “My Account” or similar section of the casino website, select the option to upload documents.
  • Personal Documents: Prepare and upload high-quality scans or photos of your passport or other identification document.
  • Proof of Address: Upload a document that proves your residential address (such as a utility bill or bank statement).
  • Payment details: If you use a credit card or other means of payment, upload a scan or photo of that card (take into account security measures by hiding the number and CVV code).
  • Waiting for verification: After submitting all documents, wait for verification by casino security. Timing may vary.
  • Confirmation or request for additional information: After verification, you will receive an email confirming successful verification or requesting additional documents.

By following these instructions, you will be able to successfully verify your online casino account.

Play Video Poker For Money From Your Phone

With the development of mobile devices, fans of gambling entertainment found the opportunity to play their favorite games anywhere and anytime. Video poker for money is a great example of such a game. Let’s find out how to enjoy it on your smartphone.

A smartphone-adapted casino website is a convenient place to play without the need to install any additional software. Just type the casino address into your phone’s browser and you’ll be instantly transported to the world of gambling. Such sites are designed to be perfectly displayed on compact screens and load quickly.

In addition, many establishments create specialized applications for mobile platforms. Using them, players can expect even smoother and more reliable interaction with the game compared to web browsers.