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Transform Your iPhone Into a Powerful Productivity Machine.


You can significantly enhance your everyday productivity and streamline your tasks by increasing the productivity of your iPhone. To fully utilize your gadget’s potential, adjust its settings, utilize powerful productivity apps, and take advantage of multitasking tools for seamless task switching. We have collected mobile hacks and tricks that will help improve your productivity here.

How to Speed Up The iPhone?

Google Voice Transcriptions

You can make use of Google Voice for iOS to convert your voicemails effortlessly into Gmail emails or text messages. By following this guide, you can set up your Google Voice phone number and gain access to concise and actionable text transcriptions of your previously lengthy voicemails. As a productivity boost, you can even convert the Gmail messages received from Google Voice into Todoist tasks using our widely-used Gmail plug-in.

Free IPhone From Junk

Although you can delete unnecessary data manually, why do it if there is a CleanUp app? You can use the app to clean up your iPhone to quickly analyze your device and find useless data and duplicate photos. At your disposal is a cleanup photos app that finds photos even if they are not completely identical, but only similar. This iPhone cleaner app can also compress photos and videos and create a password-protected secret space.

Use Productivity Apps

To set up tasks, projects, and notes effectively, you should consider downloading productivity tools such as Evernote, Todoist, and Trello. These apps make it easy to collaborate with others and synchronize seamlessly across your devices, ultimately boosting your overall efficiency.


Put The Weather Forecast on Your Screen

With smartphones, you no longer need to wait for the local news to see the day’s weather forecast at the top of the hour. However, opening the weather app, scrolling through the hourly forecast, and checking the UV Index still requires time and effort. To simplify this process, you can display the weather report directly on your phone’s lock screen using the Weather Lock Screen app (iOS), both of which are free. Now, with a simple phone turned on, you can easily check if it will rain in the afternoon.

Use Focus Mode

Whether you admit it or not, almost everyone has fallen victim to mindlessly scrolling at some point. You get into your work groove, but then you reach for your phone and think, “Well, let me reward myself with just five minutes of Instagram.” Before you know it, half an hour has passed, and you’re still endlessly scrolling. It not only becomes challenging to refocus on your work, but your break doesn’t feel as refreshing as it should.

So, what’s the solution? Remove access to these apps completely during your work hours with Focus Mode. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Focus Mode.

Automate Tasks With Shortcuts App

Do you have certain activities that you consistently engage in? Perhaps you employ the Pomodoro technique to enhance your focus (working for 25 minutes and taking a 5-minute break). Or maybe you routinely message your partner to inform them of your departure so they can provide any grocery store requests.

Whatever the case may be, there is likely a Siri Shortcut available. And if one doesn’t exist, you can create it yourself. Simply locate the Shortcuts app on your phone and explore the various voice command-triggered shortcuts. Choose the specific shortcut you wish to activate and whenever you vocalize the command, the action will occur.


Create a Report

If you struggle with prioritizing important notifications, we understand. Here’s an alternative solution: instead of filtering notifications individually, you can set up a Notification Summary to review them all at a specific time during the day. How many times have you found yourself saying, “Oops, I need to renew my car registration in two days” after checking a notification? Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about it later. But with a scheduled Notification Summary, you approach your notifications intending to take action. Imagine sitting down with a notebook and pen, ready to tackle your tasks. Here’s how you can schedule a Notification Summary:

  1. Open Settings and go to Notifications.
  2. Look for the Scheduled Summary option.
  3. Choose which applications you want to include in your summary under the Applications section.
  4. Customize your schedule by adding or removing time slots in the Schedule section.

Final Words

To maximize your productivity, you must take control of your devices. If your phone beeps unnecessarily and your social media usage is uncontrolled, your device may be hindering your focus rather than helping it. That’s why it’s essential to utilize and optimize our devices so that they work for us instead of being unconsciously controlled by them. These smartphone hacks will help you turn your smartphone into a performance benefit rather than a detriment.