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The Allure of Ugga Bugga From Fun to Profitability


When you log in to an online casino, you are instantly bombarded and treated to spectacular five-reel or even six-reel titles that are full of bonuses and, in many cases, many jackpots, including the life-changing progressive jackpot. But, for those who still prefer vintage three titles, Ugga Bugga stands tall against the modern-day five-reel giants.

Ugga Bugga

Ugga Bugga bridges the gap between classic three-reel games and the early days of video slots. Usually, with a single payline game, you have fruit symbols or sevens, and you get three of a like icon to win. Ugga Bugga takes that concept one step forward by breaking up the game screen into ten equal parts. By having this split screen, you can vastly improve your winning chances. Also, it inspires modern-day online players to take a second look at three-reel games to help lead to their revitalization.

Key Features

Ugga Bugga Slots features many fascinating components and features that continue to raise its profile at leading online casinos.

· The split screen feature where players can lock symbols onto the reels

· A fantastically high RTP of 99%


· Ugga Bugga is mobile-ready and works without a hitch

· Decent winning multipliers

Even though Ugga Bugga Slot doesn’t have any official bonus rounds or features, players can still rack up decent winning combinations. The key is to lock symbols onto the sections and then go through the re-spins. For example, enough masks on the reels lead to 1,000x your bet. But you can still win a good chunk of money with the different colored masks that lead to 125x your bet and more.

Aesthetics and Design

At first glance, Ugga Bugga’s graphics aren’t as compelling and eye-popping as today’s five-reel games. But after playing for a few moments, it doesn’t take you long to get sucked into the Amazon Jungle theme. In many ways, this simple design adds to the charm for those looking for a simple and rewarding gaming experience, including players that are learning the ropes of slot games for the first time.


While you don’t have as many commands and features as today’s five-reel games, Ugga Bugga is slightly more advanced than other classic three-reel games because you can hold and lock the game icons, as well as have more flexibility with the wagers.

Ugga Bugga – More Than Just a Game

Ugga Bugga isn’t just a relic from the past. It continues to serve as a bridge for the modern-day slot game experience. Perfect for new members looking to gain experience and for slot game veterans wanting to get a return on their deposits, Ugga Bugga makes up for its simple graphics and animations with the hold and lock feature and performs highly on mobile devices.