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TechBerry Evaluation – A Comprehensive Detailed Guide


Want to know how you can make money even while you sleep?

Well, there’s this platform known as TechBerry that can make this dream come true.

It’s like having a super smart robot friend who knows a ton about trading and can help you make some awesome decisions with your money.

In this article, we will take a close look at how TechBerry works, what makes it special, and if it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Understanding TechBerry and How it Works

TechBerry is an automated trading platform for the forex market that helps increase your investment’s value over time.

TechBerry collects data from more than 100,000 expert traders and uses AI algorithms on this data to create AI-driven strategies. These strategies are then used in different asset classes in the forex world. And don’t worry about accuracy; they promise to provide a guaranteed 11.2% percent monthly return.

It does mean that you can copy their strategy and be profitable for the whole year as strategies change continuously. The information is collected regularly every month for AI-Algorithms to analyze the market and provide us with new or modified strategies for the future.

What Problem Does TechBerry Solve?

TechBerry is targeting beginners and expert traders to join their community.

New traders do not have enough knowledge of the market and may have to spend at least six months learning how the forex world’s dynamic operates.

Many expert traders have free cash available in their bank accounts, which they want to utilize. So, TechBerry solves both problems, helping beginner and expert traders leverage their income through trading.

With this, beginner traders can learn about the market practically without having to face losses. They will be able to monitor their trades and analyze the areas where the TechBerry platform is taking exposures.

What Do You Get in Investor Membership?

Here’s what you get by becoming a member of TechBerry as an investor:

Automated Trading

TechBerry offers fully automated trading for its investors, meaning they can see their portfolio grow without even moving a finger. Although they can monitor their trades and see where their capital is being utilized, they will not have to worry about the analyses. Even the entries and exits of trades will be executed by TechBerry itself.

Risk Protection Coverage

As an investor, the risk of losses is reduced by TechBerry loss protection coverage. This uplifts the trader’s confidence as now his capital is quite secure against highly volatile markets. The trading losses reimbursements vary according to the plan that you have chosen.

The percentage of reimbursement increases as you go from the white to the VIP plan. The VIP and Infinite plans offer 100% trading loss reimbursements for their clients, which shows how secure they want the investor capital to be.

Guaranteed Returns

TechBerry promises its clients guaranteed monthly returns of 11.2%, which shows the confidence it has for its AI-driven strategies. Although it seems unrealistic, TechBerry has satisfied its clients over the years by providing such returns on their investments.

How TechBerry Works for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions trade all month in different pairs. Hence, they require new and updated data every time to get used in their analysis to track the operators and retailers in the market.


TechBerry can save a lot of time as it provides data collected from a pool of more than 100,000 traders. There is no way that financial institutions can combine this data this quickly which makes TechBerry’s presence vital in the forex world.

Financial institutions can look at historical trades and real-time insights. TechBerry can also provide AI-based analyses, which can help these institutions to mold their analyses according to AI data and build new strategies.

Moreover, when expert individual traders relate to financial institutions, great strategies could be utilized which improves the overall win rate.

How Can it Be Used like the Bitcoin ETF?

TechBerry also aims to provide its services in the cryptocurrency world, the same as the Bitcoin ETF.

They are looking to attract all the buyers from across the globe who want to invest their money passively in cryptocurrency but do not have the desired knowledge to enter the market.

TechBerry has several membership plans for the BTC-based membership, so you can choose the one that suits your budget. Moreover, you can securely deposit and withdraw through a credit card or bank wire without any problem.

Memberships and VIP Plans

Below are the eight different membership plans that TechBerry offers.

White Plan

The White Plan serves as the entry point for those new to TechBerry’s automated trading platform. For an annual subscription fee of just $9 and a minimum deposit of $1,000 (USD/EUR), members can begin their trading journey.

Green Plan

The Green Plan steps up the offering with a $19 annual subscription fee and a $5,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit requirement.

Silver Plan

Targeted at more committed investors, the Silver Plan demands a $99 annual fee and a $20,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan elevates the experience with a $199 annual subscription and a $50,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit.

Platinum Plan

Offering elite trading experience, the Platinum Plan requires a $299 annual fee and a $100,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit.

Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan is for the pinnacle of investors, with a $399 annual subscription fee and a $200,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit.

Infinite Plan

Tailored for the ultra-committed investor, the Infinite Plan requires a $499 annual fee and a staggering $500,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit.

VIP Plan: An Invitation for Esteemed Investors

The VIP plan is the most expensive as it demands a $599 annual subscription fee and a $1,000,000 (USD/EUR) minimum deposit. It guarantees the ultimate investment conditions with a mere 10% service fee on profits and a complete 100% trading loss reimbursement.


This plan is exclusively crafted for the most elite investors, offering the best possible terms for maximizing returns and protections. It also includes real-time trade monitoring and a dedicated personal manager, ensuring excellent trading experience.

Plus, the plan entitles you to an invitation to an exclusive global event where professional traders gather and share their thoughts.

Final Thoughts

In the end, TechBerry is super cool if you’re into making money without doing all the hard work yourself. And guess what? They say you can make 11.2% more money every month just by being part of it. Isn’t that great?

Get started today on TechBerry!