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Skills That You Can Develop in Yourself by Playing Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular MMO shooters from the company Bangie – the creators of the first Destiny and Halo.

Players choose one of the three game classes and go to explore space – their home planet from alien invaders, and at the same time explore the Moon and other satellites and planets.

Get to grips with the class and subclass system, the current meta, and the optimal character to play in the upcoming update You of Destiny 2 Blog is a resource with constantly updated up-to-date information about all events in the project.

What real-life skills will help you get Destiny 2.



3.Speed of decision-making


5.Teamwork in the game

6.Financial management


Shooters are games that train the reaction as the main mechanism for responding to a change in the environment.

Any change in the game world – the appearance of the head, the change of scenery, the movement of the enemy is the reason for the immediate response of a quick concentration of attention.

Regular experience playing shooters like Destiny 2 will lead to a significant improvement in the level of reaction, which will positively affect when driving, catching accidentally dropped objects and responding to quick changes in scenery.


In all shooters and Destiny 2 will not be an exception, one of the key and important parameters will be accuracy – the effectiveness of aiming at the target and shooting with maximum safety of cartridges when each bullet reaches the target, or at least the percentage of marriage and fleeting shots is minimal.

In real life, accuracy means being able to quickly and correctly shift the focus of your attention to the right point or channel and perform an action with pinpoint accuracy.

Speed of Decision-making

Decision speed plays a huge role in game shooters and multiple aspects of real life.

If we take shooters, then the one who reacts first, identifies the enemy and decides to attack the enemy is more likely to succeed and emerge victorious from the battle.

In real life, the ability to quickly and correctly make decisions leads to an increase in the level of personal confidence and the adoption of more and more fundamental decisions that will fundamentally change the player’s standard of living.


Any game that supports online mode has the potential to develop leadership qualities in any player, whether the player wants to progress in this direction is another question.

Leadership plays an important role in the life of any person. The potential to lead other people is business prospects, or at least managerial positions.

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It all starts with the formation of battle groups – in Destiny 2 there is a developed system of strikes and raids – special game zones with increased rewards, but also located in the battle group with the corresponding complexity and requirement. Many players prefer to wait for an invitation, but often you have to assemble a squad yourself, selecting candidates.

This gradually leads to the filling of inner confidence and the start of the development of the player’s leadership qualities, which can potentially be transferred to real life, as it becomes the norm of behavior – to lead and direct people in such a way that combat tasks and life goals are comfortably solved.

Teamwork in The Game

To be successful in Destiny 2, you need to be able to play and work in a team. You simply cannot physically go and try out all the most interesting and complex content, since it is designed for battle groups and guilds, and not single players.

To get into a Strike or Raid, you need to be part of a squad.

PvP mode Trial of Osiris will require the presence of a battle group to fight with other squads, identify the best fighters and earn good rewards.

All this is determined by the general term – teamwork.

Working in a team means not only simply participating in a battle group, but honestly and responsibly performing one’s duties and monitoring the situation in the group and reactions to changing conditions. Players must belay and help each other, and not focus only on their duties. Such a habit will give teamwork to the team, add personal responsibility in their own actions and their role in the activities of the team.

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You will be able to adopt habits in real life, investing more significant efforts in the workplace, and even if the management does not appreciate your efforts, sooner or later this approach will bear fruit in the form of luring you to a more responsible and respectful company.

Financial Management

Each online game has its own personal currency – in Destiny 2 it’s glitter.

You need to learn how to extract sparkles, correctly invest them in weapons and cartridges, armor and accessories, potions and auxiliary drugs.

Everything is like in the real world – you can be successful and rich, or have crumbs and live one day at a time.

Destiny 2 teaches you how to make useful connections and acquaintances, find good raids and strikes to earn money and get the best options for equipment and weapons.

You will learn not only how to earn sparkles, but also how to correctly invest them in your character to improve your abilities slowly and confidently, and this technique can be transferred to the real world.

It is also possible to progress in terms of trading, smoothly studying the possibilities of the market and gradually apply the principles of mining, buying and reselling to accumulate and sell personal capital, which is equivalent to a real business in the market for goods and services.