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Safest Investments in 2023

Economists believe that in 2023, many will have to reconsider the usual view of investment. Otherwise, losses are inevitable. What investments, according to analysts, will bring the greatest income – we will talk about this in this article. And if you need a quick way to earn money – try online casino nz.

Bank Deposit

The coming year 2023 is very dangerous for investing, as inflation growth rates both in Russia and around the world are breaking records. The best investment houses give a negative assessment of the dynamics of the movement of world indices, which reflect the current state of affairs in the economy. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a wide diversification of risks. In 2023, the main task will be to catch up with the inflation rate, the growth rate of which already now exceeds 8%. Among conservative investments, the bank deposit is the most distinguished. This is one way to save money and a great option to achieve inflation. First of all, it must be considered as a conservative investment tool, aimed not at increasing, but primarily at saving money.


Federal loan bonds are also a conservative instrument. Its purpose is to save money. Don’t expect big profits either. The predicted decrease in inflation in the world will stop the growth of the key rate, and, accordingly, the fall of bonds. Thus, investments in bonds may turn out to be successful next year.


Buying a currency is the easiest and most understandable way of investing for novice investors. Traditionally, it is customary to invest in the main reserve currencies in the world – the dollar and the euro. However, when buying a currency, you should not strive to make money on the difference in rates. Here, too, there may be losses. Therefore, investing in dollars and euros is not worth the last money, but free savings.

Precious Metals

A good investment can also be investments in index funds, as well as in precious metals (which are growing and will grow in a crisis).

At the same time, precious metals, apparently, have not yet reached the final bottom. In the first half of 2023, gold will still fall to 1450-1550 dollars per troy ounce, from which a steady increase above 2200-2500 will begin. Therefore, if it is possible to delay the acquisition of currency until the end of February, then it is not worth delaying with gold. The main thing is not to forget that buying precious metals makes sense at a distance of two to three years.

Real Estate

In the past two years, the turnover of online trading has grown dramatically. Marketplaces are actively developing a network of points for issuing orders, and the demand for warehouse real estate has grown.

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The cost of such facilities has increased several times around the world. It makes sense to consider the possibility of investing in the purchase of warehouses. They will be in demand for a few more years, the market is far from being filled. But retail and office real estate is now a risky investment. This is due to the transition of many employees to a remote work mode, the departure of commercial enterprises online and strict quarantine measures for shopping centers.


One of the less obvious, but no less profitable investment tools is the franchise business.

To do this, it is enough to have some free money. From 10 thousand dollars and more. With this amount, you can buy a franchise and build a business based on it. You do not need to be a specialist who knows everything about a particular market. Also, the right investment would be investments in the production of food products that are in demand among people in any crisis situation and in conditions of rising prices. It can be investments in bakery production or in any other products that are included in the grocery basket of any person.

Shares of Foreign Companies

To determine the best investments in 2023, you need to understand what will happen to the economy, inflation, and the dynamics of household incomes.

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Most likely, the pandemic will continue in 2023, which means that regulators will be forced to fight inflation through rising rates. Investments in the stock market should be considered specifically for each instrument. But at the moment, when most investors in the world expect a correction, it is worth concentrating on the shares of the largest foreign issuers.