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How to Find Out Wagering Requirements of Online Casino Bonuses


How do you fancy coming on a journey with me to learn about getting some bonuses at online casinos? Well, steady on for a moment – before we can get into that, there’s something important you need to know – and that’s on the topic of wagering requirements. These can have a big impact on how you use a bonus in the first place…

What is Wagering?

So let me take a step back for a moment and I’ll tell you about what a wager and ‘wagering’ is.

This is the easy bit – a wager is a bet, in other words, the amount of money you stake with each game you want to play. Some online sites offer free spins no wagering and no deposit and they’re worth checking out once you’re familiar with everything I’ll lay out in this article. However, a wager also refers to the amount of money that you’ve bet in a specific time frame – such as one gameplay session.

How Do You Define Wagering Requirements?

So, the thing we’ve got to be savvy about is checking out the bonus offers of every site you choose. Take your time and get used to how each site operates and also find the types of bonuses you want.

The bonuses will include things like:

●            free spins

●            cash bonuses

●            free bets

The best of all these is the no-deposit bonus!


So far, so good! However, what I need to tell you is that all these come with conditions attached, and these are the wagering requirements. These are the terms and conditions of taking part in the bonus, and they often define the amount of money I have to wager before I am allowed to collect my winnings or withdraw the bonus in question. You must be careful to read all the terms and conditions.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

I’m going to talk you through how the requirements work now – and it’s not tricky, but you do need to be aware that they’re different for each bonus type.

So, if you have a cash bonus, then you’ll need to make sure you bet a certain amount of times or a certain multiplier before you can make any withdrawals and collect your bonus and related winnings. Here’s an example to show you how it works. Say I want to claim a bonus that has a wagering requirement of 20X; what must happen is that I bet my bonus amount 20 times over before I can withdraw and get the money from it. Depending on the site you choose to game with, there may also be conditions on the amount of money you deposit before you collect the bonus.

Calculating The Wagering Requirements

I’ll now take you through how to calculate your wagering requirements – and don’t worry if, like me, you’re not good at math! It’s a pretty simple calculation.

To get your baseline figure I simply multiply my bonus amount by my wagering requirement and that gives me the total bet amount. So, say you put in £25. You’ll get a match-deposit bonus of £25 and your wagering requirement is 20X.

For instance, the formula to find out how much you’re spending would look like this:

(£25) X (20) = £500.

Any winnings you make from your bonus money can then be used to make more wagers and – if you’re careful and invest them wisely, you can try and use them to beat the requirements and even bet left with some winnings to treat yourself with (or put away and save for a rainy day, as I did).


If you’re really not sure about working it all out yourself, I’ve tried loads of fab wagering requirements calculators online. Find a few and see which works best for your needs. In my experience, they eliminate any chance of human error in your own workings, and they’ll tell you exactly how much you need to bet immediately.

Cashable No Deposit Bonus – No Wagering Requirements

Ok, so when you’re looking at wagering requirements reel sites, the same requirements usually apply to the no-deposit bonuses I mentioned before. What does this mean? Well, even if you get a bonus for just signing up to play at a site, you’ll still have a specific amount required to wager before you can receive your winnings. Starting out with small amounts is best as it encourages safer gambling.

So I’ve noticed that bonuses with no wagering requirements offer fewer chances for free play, meaning that a no-deposit bonus or free spins that are provided without any wagering can be just as profitable in the long run!

The best way, I think, to find out the wagering requirements of the sites you choose to play at is to search online and ask for trusted recommendations from people you know are experts at playing. They’ll be able to give you some hints and tips and show you what to look for when you’re starting out. It’s a good idea to start cautiously until your confidence is a bit higher!