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How to Distinguish an Original iPhone From a Fake One


Fake iPhones are not a new phenomenon. Especially in our time. If you are considering buying a gadget but are still determining whether the seller will be decent, we have prepared this material for you. In this article, you will learn how to distinguish the original iPhone from a fake, what you need to pay attention to in the first place, and how to protect yourself from buying a marriage.

Checking the model number

The most obvious fact of marriage can tell you the device itself. We suggest checking the model number first. To do this, you will need to:

  • Open the “Settings” tab;
  • Go to the “Basic” page;
  • Select the “About this device” item.

The model number will appear on the device’s screen. Note that the serial number under the model number has yet to be useful to us. The model number consists of a combination of letters and numbers and looks like this: MGJC3AA/A. The first letter of this number-letter combination will help us solve the mystery of your device.

  • M is a new device, literally out of the factory packaging;
  • F – the manufacturer has already refurbished this device;
  • N – a device that you get to replace the one you took to the service center, for example. That is, a replacement device;
  • P – the device is personalized; in the store on Apple’s website, you were engraved;
  • 3A, 3D, 3C – a sample for demonstration in the store window; it is not intended for sale. Therefore, when taking the phone from the store, you should see the letter M or P, depending on where you buy it. The rest of the letters on the device you were sold should raise questions. But hopefully, you have yet to encounter this situation.


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Checking the serial number

The next sign of an original smartphone is its serial number. To check it, find the box of the device. Yes, buying the phone long ago may be difficult, but try to include all your memory resources.

Examine the box and look for the place where it says (S) Serial No. Then, there is another long number-letter combination of 12 characters. Check if the serial numbers inside the device and on the box match. We described how to find the device’s serial number in the smartphone. You will find the information you need using the same algorithm in the “About this device” tab. Next, we go to the website in the section to check the right to service. In the appropriate field, we enter the serial number. After that, we enter the security code that is listed on the website.

Once you have entered the required data, the system will find (or not) the serial number of your device in its database and answer whether your phone is original or not. This will complete the iPhone verification on the site. We advise you to do this verification right after you buy your device. Especially if it’s your first iPhone and you need something to compare it.

Checking the device by IMEI

IMEI code is a unique code that carries data about the origin of the device, its model, and its serial number. It comes with the serial number and is indicated both on the gadget’s box and the device itself. It contains only numbers; this type of code has no letters or symbols. IMEI data can be found in the same place as the serial number. It is located on the next line from the serial number.  

If there is no box and you need to find this code, go to the already mentioned “About this device” tab and look for the “Physical SIM card” field. One more way: type the following numeric combination in the dialing mode: *#06#. After this command, the phone will display your IMEI code on the screen.

Visual signs of iPhone counterfeiting

Finally, let’s talk about things that aren’t as obvious as checking websites. If you buy the phone in retail stores or receive an order from a marketplace, pay special attention to the external inspection. This way, you can protect yourself from counterfeits and save time and money.

Apple needs better-quality packaging, with 23.4% of the global smartphone sales market. If the box of your gadget is made of low-quality materials and the type of printing leaves much to be desired – this is the first call of a fake device.


Apple has patented five-pointed Pentalobe screws. They only use this type of manufacturing hardware in assembly. Rounded screws and oddly shaped buttons should alert the buyer.

iPhones don’t allow buyers to manually increase storage capacity, so there shouldn’t be any memory card or microSD slots on a real Apple phone—especially antennas, which have nothing in common with the original phones.

Turn the phone on. It should have a licensed version of iOS installed on it. If it’s running Android or another system, the product is fake. Check if the Siri voice assistant responds to your queries.

Check for apps that can only be installed on the iOS operating system—for example, the Safari browser.

Be careful when choosing a new Apple gadget for yourself or as a gift. Giving a fortune for a phone that will lose relevance in a year is a shame. And if you also got a “pal” for a huge amount of money – it’s doubly offensive.