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Buser raises $138M from LGT, SoftBank, others

brazilbased buser lgt softbankalerigi jrreuters

Brazil-based Buser, an app that partners with charter bus companies to offer customers safe and low cost travel, has recently announced that it received $138M in funding from investors such as LGT, SoftBank, and others.

This new funding round will be used to expand Buser’s presence in Latin America and continue to search for new opportunities in other parts of the world.

Overview of Buser

Buser is a Brazilian company that helps employers connect with qualified employees, offering freelance and permanent jobs. Founded in 2016, Buser has revolutionised how businesses find workers – transforming the hiring process into a dynamic and innovative experience for employers and employees. Focused on helping companies bring in diverse talent, Buser uses its cloud-based platform to simplify recruiting by collecting essential information from candidates, such as backgrounds, skill sets, availability and location. The platform enables organisations to quickly fill job requests around Brazil with the best possible match for the position or project.

With the representation of more than 350 clients from all regions throughout Brazil, Buser works to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers by connecting them with specialised teams of people based on their needs – ranging from part-time job opportunities to professional talent services for large corporations. The company has also established partnerships with regional development entities that help manage recruitment activity across multiple regions.

Having raised $138M in funding from investors including LGT Group Ventures, SoftBank Vision Funds II and Utrust Ventures LLC, Buser is well placed to continue advancing its innovative recruitment solutions around Brazil – allowing businesses of all sizes to access the right talent at any time.

Overview of Investors

Buser has recently secured $138 million in investment from various sources. The investors include several venture capitalist firms and strategic investors such as SoftBank, LGT, and Grupo Globo.

The funding round was led by Light Street Capital, with participation from Valor Capital Group and SoftBank. Strategic investors in the round included existing shareholders LGT and Grupo Globo. In addition, Endeavor Catalyst and Founders Fund also participated in the round (LGT and Grupo Globo have invested in Buser before).

This new $138 million investment is an example of the growth Buser has experienced since its founding then-just five years ago. This latest funding will support the continued expansion of Buser’s services across Latin America. In addition, these funds will also allow for further integration of digital payment systems into its platform, providing even more accessibility and convenience to users in various countries.

buser 138m lgt jrreuters

Investment Details

Brazil-based Buser recently announced that they have raised $138M from LGT, SoftBank, and other investors. The investment marks the largest single funding ever received by a Latin American mobility startup.

The investment aligns with the Buser’s goal to provide customers with safe and low-cost travel options via its app. Moreover, the funding will help Buser strengthen its position in the market and continue to scale its operations.

Amount of Investment

Buser, a Brazilian platform connecting individuals and corporations to public transport operators worldwide, raised $138 million from investors, including LGT Lightstone, SoftBank Latam Fund, FJ Labs and Accomplice. This brings its total funding to date up to $174 million.

Buser is simplifying access to transportation for hundreds of cities across the Americas through the platform. In addition, the new funds will be used to expand across Latin America and add new service offerings, including support for corporates that need employee transportation solutions and ticketing integration with governments.

The amount of the investment round was not disclosed by the parties involved; however, it was reported that LGT Lightstone led the round with participation from various business partners from different countries in Latin America. In addition, accomplice invested a significant percentage of their follow-on capital after participating as seed investors in Buser’s Series A funding round in late 2018.

brazilbased buser softbankalerigi jrreuters

Investors Involved

Buser, the Latin American bus booking platform, has raised a $138 million Series C funding round led by LGT Lightstone with participation from SoftBank, Kaszek Ventures, and several other venture capital firms. The fresh infusion of capital brings Buser’s total fundraising to more than $210 million.

The new funding will be used to expand the company’s reach domestically and internationally and to double down on Buser’s marketplace-based approach. The funds will also help Buser grow its product offerings for bus operators and travellers in the region.

The investors involved in this latest round of funding are:

  • LGT Lightstone: A globally diversified alternative investment group with offices around the world
  • SoftBank: A leading technology investor
  • Kaszek Ventures: A VC firm focused on technology investments in LatAm
  • Monashees: An early stage venture fund that invests in media sectors
  • Intercorp Group: A Peruvian financial services provider
  • Harvest Ventures: An impact investment fund that provides long-term capital commitments to high growth companies
  • Isai Expansion Fund V: A French VC limited partnership run by Isai Management Company that offers its limited partners early stage investments opportunities

Use of Funds

Buser, a startup that enables users to book on-demand appointments with doctors and dental specialists, announced today that it has raised $138 million in a new round of venture capital funding. Led by LGT Lightstone, SoftBank’s Latin American Fund, and the family offices of Cisneros & Televisa’s Azcárraga-Claure families, this funding round also included participation from Left Lane Capital, Kaszek Ventures and Laturis Investments.

The company will use this capital injection to expand its services in its existing Latin American markets and fuel its growth into new countries. This includes hiring new talent from across the continent to gain access to more healthcare providers in different countries. In addition, Buser will invest in product innovation such as helping healthcare providers better manage their schedules and patient follow-up by providing them with advanced technologies for digital health appointments. The company will additionally use these funds to drive business expansion through corporate partnerships and collaborations with large employers who offer health benefits for their employees.

Brazil-based Buser, which partners with charter bus companies to offer customers safe and low cost travel via its app, raises $138M from LGT, SoftBank, others

Brazil-based Buser has experienced immense growth in recent years. Last week, Buser announced the completion of another round of funding, bringing in $138 million from LGT, SoftBank, and other investors. This impressive round of funding has allowed Buser to grow from a startup to a major player in the transportation industry.

Let’s look closer at Buser’s success and what the future holds for them.

brazilbased buser 138m lgt softbankalerigi jrreuters

Expansion in Brazil

Buser, a Brazilian on-demand digital platform for bookings around private transportation and visits to clinics and laboratories, has announced its Series C financing round closing. The company has raised $138M from investors LTG, SoftBank and WorldOne. This new investment comes at a very important time for Buser in which the startup will focus mainly on expansion in Brazil’s major cities and product development.

This additional funding reinforces Buser as one of the main players in Brazil’s digital transportation market. Furthermore, it allows the company to confidently develop its strategy towards international markets such as Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Chile by first strengthening its existing base in Brazil.

The fund’s contribution will be mainly used to consolidate and improve customer experience such as launching new payment alternatives and providing shorter wait times between booking confirmation and beginning of trips. Moreover, making rides safer by offering an integrated SIM card on all car models that act as an emergency cellular signal during trips is among the top projects to be completed with this investment round.

Expansion in Latin America

Buser, an Argentinean startup in the mobility and transport industry, has announced it has raised $138 million in funding led by LGT Lightstone and SoftBank Group Latin America. The new funds will be used to expand its presence across Latin America. This round also saw participation from Riverwood Capital and returning investors Kaszek Ventures, Monashees, Qual outros Investimentos and QED Investors.

This latest funding also marks the company’s entry into Mexico, where Buser currently serves one city, Mexicali. By 2020, Buser plans to offer its services across six cities in Mexico with its on-demand bus services and routes. Previously Buser operated solely in Brazil where the service served more than 2000 cities with over 200 daily routes on over 4000 buses.

The company explains that their innovative technology integrates local public transportation systems while bridging unmet needs of passengers temporarily or even permanently by providing on-demand chartered buses with easy online bookings and facilities such as Wi-Fi on board. Since inception, this has proved popular amongst commuters leading to 15 million users from three countries using Buser’s services.

With these new funds for expansion into Mexico and other Latin American countries Buser hopes to change how people travel there.

Benefits of Buser’s Platform

Brazil-based Buser, which partners with charter bus companies to offer customers safe and low cost travel via its app, has raised $138M in a recent funding round. LGT, SoftBank, and other investors led this funding. Buser has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and this investment will further improve the platform.

Now, let’s discuss some of the benefits of Buser’s platform.

Low-cost Travel

Buser is revolutionising the travel market in Latin America by providing passengers low-cost options for trips within their cities and surrounding areas. Buser also caters to travellers looking for more personalised experiences, like private buses and shorter trips. In addition, Buser offers an alternative to current transportation methods that emphasise cost-effectiveness, convenience and reliability through its technology platform.

Buser’s user-friendly app allows customers to book tickets in advance and track their location while on the bus. The app also informs customers of delays or route changes during their journey. These features help passengers stay safe and plan their trip around the clock without any hassle.

What sets Buser apart from other transportation providers is that it provides passengers access to low-cost options for longer distance trips. According to Buser, over 50% of its users book tickets for journeys over 100 km a month or farther than 400 km a year. Furthermore, Buser has partnered with several companies that allow riders to opt into private buses, which gives them fewer stops along their journey but at a higher cost than regular tickets.

Buser’s platform aims not only to provide travellers with low-cost buses but also an opportunity for them to explore the country in all its diversity—whether going on quick getaways or long day road trips—in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Safety Features

Buser provides a safe and secure environment for ride sharing and transportation. Their technology platform includes safety features to ensure passengers can confidently ride. All passengers must verify their identification to join the platform, and all payment methods are reviewed before acceptance.

Buser is also one of the few ride-sharing companies that employ a two-way driver rating system, meaning both riders and drivers can provide feedback stored in the user’s profile for review before future trips. This system provides accountability on both ends to maintain safe and quality rides for every user.

In addition, Buser employs GPS tracking throughout every trip so that rides can easily be traced back at any point in time, should an incident arise during the trip itself. The App also offers additional features such as no-cash payments to avoid contact between drivers and riders during trips; text messages alerting drivers when their passenger has arrived at their destination; location pins; as well as auto trip summaries sent via email or SMS upon completion of each drive —so you can keep track of where you’ve been!

Future Plans

Brazil-based Buser’s recent success in obtaining a $138M investment from LGT, SoftBank, and others has opened up many opportunities for the charter bus company.

With the added capital, Buser can pursue their long-term visions of expanding their route network, improving the customer experience, and developing new technologies to make travelling more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

Expansion into Other Markets

Buser, a Latin American provider of transportation-related platform services, recently announced that it has raised $138 million from investors such as LGT Lightstone and Softbank, which will be used to expand into new markets. This investment reflects the rising demand in Latin America for access to innovative transport and delivery services.

Buser’s expansion plans include launching new products in key markets throughout Latin America such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. As part of its growth strategy, Buser will invest resources into developing technology that enhances consumer experiences by providing an optimised platform for drivers and passengers. Additionally, the funds will be used to strengthen operations structure and increase consumer engagement activities.

We are excited about Buser’s plans to expand beyond its current marketplaces in Brazil into other Latin American countries, which will open up opportunities for individuals all around the region to benefit from modernised transportation solutions. As a result of better transportation options through Buser’s platform services, customers will have more reliable and efficient access to goods and services across cities in different countries within the continent. Our vision is more than just expanding our business; it’s about bringing better lifestyle experiences to people everywhere – whether commuters or professionals – by enabling easier mobility with fare estimations for better pricing ahead of time.

Development of New Features

Buser, the digital platform for booking buses on demand, aims to expand its market reach further and develop new features to provide an even better user experience. Leveraging the funds it recently secured in a Series C financing round led by LGT Lightstone and SoftBank Ventures Korea, Buser has plans to expand into new cities and territories, including Brazil and Vietnam. The company also plans to invest in developing deeper analytics capabilities to gain a better understanding of driver operations and user preferences.

To stay competitive with other public transportation options, Buser will continue its focus on providing users unparalleled convenience and comfort when booking their trips. To this end, the company will enhance existing features such as real-time tracking of buses along with more intuitive search capabilities. Additionally, Buser plans to explore implementing additional smart technologies such as voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems that enable passengers to get information faster and more accurately regarding pick-up times, maps or fares.