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FIFA 23 Esports: Where Soccer and Gaming Meet


Fans of digital football are abuzz as FIFA President Gianni Infantino promises big things for the much-awaited successor to FIFA 23. In light of the football empire’s long-standing partnership with EA Sports ending, the president has announced plans to develop an entirely new series of simulation football games.

While EA Sports has already released a separate spiritual successor in EA Sports FC 2024, fans are waiting for FIFA to release an official title that will rival and potentially surpass its predecessors. Currently, no official partner has been announced as the lead in developing any new FIFA soccer game. Infantino assures long-time players that the next release is underway and will be more immersive than ever.

The separation has inevitably impacted FIFA 23, though its name still boldly represents the powerful connection between sports and video games.

What’s Happening With FIFA 23?



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FIFA 23 was the last release featuring the official partnership between EA Sports and FIFA Internation Soccer. After three decades of success, licensing costs have caused the two brands to separate. Despite the drama surrounding the release of the final EA-led FIFA title, the game still sold more than 10 million units.

The immersive simulation game features official teams, licensed leagues, and real-time soccer gameplay. By introducing improved graphics and more features, the game attracted an even bigger audience and became one of the most successful sports titles in the video game industry.


Much of the game’s success also came from its introduction of crossplay, which allowed players on different consoles and devices to play together. This advancement in multiplayer connectivity boosted its player base compared to previous titles. That said, this very same functionality got hurt as the end of the partnership impacted how players access the game.

EA has already delisted FIFA 23 from all digital storefronts. Those who own the title digitally can still access it online and offline. Of course, this removal from major platforms has drastically decreased the active player base. Finding matches is still possible but generally takes longer than at the game’s peak. It’s also worth noting that the game has yet to beat FIFA 18 as the series’ best-selling game of all time.

The Esports Evolution


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FIFA games have been pivotal in merging traditional sports sims and esports. Tournaments and live events have become par for the course in the series’ history, especially with the introduction of services like Xbox Live and Steam. The evolution of multiplayer and the popularity of streaming have bolstered competitive gaming to new heights.

The most popular is, naturally, the FIFAe World Cup, a digital global tournament that emulates the FIFA World Cup. The final edition of this cup was held for FIFA 23, eventually replaced by EA Sports FC Pro World Championship after the end of EA and FIFA’s licensing agreement.


The rich player base and tournament scene have also led to a vibrant betting environment. The changes in partnership have led to FIFA betting tips encouraging people to pay attention to other tournaments like the eChampions League and EA Sports Cup. Experts also urge people to watch for game updates, which can broadly impact team rosters and even nerf players. The meta may shift due to the partnership, but pro players still largely determine what line-ups work.

The new events to look forward to now are within the EA Sports FC Pro circuit. Alternatively, Konami hosts the official eFootball Championship, which has more than 20 million participants. The 2024 season has already seen frontrunners from the FC Arsenal finals, with mobile and console players in separate leagues.

The Future Of Soccer And Gaming

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Change may have shaken up the video game soccer world, but there will always be new titles to watch, and players will inevitably play if the release is well-made. Beyond the new titles being cooked up by FIFA and EA, other games are being created by other industry giants looking to get a slice of the pie.

The FIFA World Cup continues to draw millions of viewers, and the now-defunct game series itself also broke many records. The 2020 FIFA Interactive World Cup was even certified by Guinness World Records as the largest online gaming tournament of its time, with a prize fund of $200,000 for the champion.

Iconic they may be, the soured partnership of FIFA and EA will unlikely be the death knell of soccer and gaming as a combo. The demand remains, esports tournaments are still in production, and new names will likely fight to take the mantle as the industry moves forward.